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Urology department of the Gomel Regional Oncology Center opened in 1994, and to date, deployed 40 beds.

7 doctors working at the department. Conducted consultative polyclinic reception.

The essence of clinical work department is in the treatment of malignant diseases of the urogenital area man.

Approaches to treatment meet the most stringent international standards and meet the national protocol of diagnosis and therapy of malignant tumors.

Experienced staff and a well-equipped department ensures high-performance modern and complete treatment.

Minimally invasive treatments, as well as radical surgery, conservative therapy and palliative interventions are included in the range of our activities.

Prostate cancer is treated by surgery like using a radical prostatectomy and using remote methods of radiotherapy and brachytherapy. Apply other forms of treatment for prostate cancer.

bladder cancer treated with radical surgical removal of the bladder, and in the department carried out all forms of urinary diversion in men and women, or organ-endoscopic techniques. Furthermore, chemoradiation therapies used if necessary.

Kidney cancer depending on the tumor lesion prevalence involves performing partial nephrectomy or radical nephrectomy. Immunotherapy and targeted therapy when indicated.

Be treated all stages of cancer testis and surgically and chemotherapy for metastatic spread. When having to perform retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy or residual tumor resection applied, if possible, nervosberegayuschey art operations.

Doctors regularly carry out training, both in the scientific centers of the Republic as well as in clinics and abroad.


Head of the Department Schwab Viktor Antonovich.

Phone number +375 44 5445988
Telephone outpatient reception +375 (232) 491350

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Gomel regional clinical oncological dispensary

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