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The office was opened in December 1994. All the year round the doctors of the department provide consultative reception in the polyclinic of the oncology center (room №20).

Коллектив отделения:

Fedorkevich Igor Vladimirovich
Fedorkevich Igor VladimirovichHead of department
Graduate of the Grodno State Medical Institute. The highest qualification category. Has been working in the department since 1995. Specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery on the basis of BelMAPO.
Rukhlya Marina Nikolaevna
Rukhlya Marina NikolaevnaDoctor-oncologist of the highest category
A graduate of the Minsk State Medical Institute, the highest qualification category, has been working in the department since 1999
Prezov Alexander Vladimirovich
Prezov Alexander VladimirovichOncologist of the first category
A graduate of the Vitebsk state order "Friendship of Peoples" medical university, the first qualification category. Has been working in the department since 2008.
Kontsevenko Irina Vladimirovna
Kontsevenko Irina VladimirovnaOncologist of the first category
Graduate of the Gomel Medical University, the first qualification category. Has been working in the department since 2015.
Yakovenko Alexey Sergeevich
Yakovenko Alexey SergeevichOncologist of the second category
Graduate of Gomel State Medical University, second qualification category. Has been working in the department since 2017.

Specialists of the department perform surgical, combined (combined with radiotherapy) and complex (in combination with chemotherapy) treatment:

  • Malignant tumors of the skin (special attention is paid to the treatment of skin melanoma)
  • Malignant tumors of soft tissues
  • Malignant tumors of bones

We diagnose and treat benign, borderline and premalignant neoplasms of the skin and soft tissues.

Doctors of the department regularly participate in national and international conferences, constantly improve themselves, raise the level of qualification in the republic and beyond.

The department provides a wide range of paid services in the field of reconstructive, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery:

1. Reduction mammoplasty (reduction of mammary glands)

2. Prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction of both glands
3. Mastopexy (lifting the mammary glands)



4. Endoprosthetics of mammary glands by implants and expanders of well-known manufacturers




5. Abdominoplasty of any kind, including with the elimination of diastasis of the white line of the abdomen



6. Correction of hypertrophic and keloid scars


7. Sentinel lymph node biopsies for skin melanoma and breast cancer

On the basis of the department, the primary reconstruction of the mammary gland is performed in the treatment of malignant or benign breast pathology. After previous treatment for breast cancer, if the patient wishes, a delayed reconstruction of the gland is possible.

We perform reconstructive interventions in the presence of significant wound defects as a result of surgical treatment of malignant neoplasms or tissue damage after radiation therapy, using microsurgical techniques if necessary.



We carry out operative and conservative treatment of lymphedema of extremities.

In the department, ventral hernias are performed, including using synthetic mesh grafts.

For the rehabilitation, there is a massage room, devices for magnetotherapy and pneumocompression. For a year on the basis of the department, about 1000 patients are treated, more than 800 surgical procedures are performed. The average duration of the postoperative period is from 3 to 16 days.

The department employs responsive, highly qualified staff. The prices for our services are not high. There are rooms of high comfort.

+375 (232) 21-09-40
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Ordinary- +375 (232) 21-14-15
Polyclinic reception room +375 (232) 21-10-88
The head of the department is Igor Vladimirovich Fedorkevich
+375 44 5445326

Gomel regional clinical oncological dispensary

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